Conservation Strategies

10 Ways to Winterize Your Business

Conservation Strategies

As the weather cools down, make sure you prepare your business to weather the cooler temperatures with ease.

If you run a business or manage building operations, be sure to check these 10 energy-saving to-do’s off your list to save some money on energy costs this winter!

Winterize your business

10 Tips to Winterize Your Business

  1. Change furnace filters
  2. Have your heating system maintained
  3. Make sure insulation is adequate
  4. Check heating ducts
  5. Seal and leaks, drafts and gaps around the workplace
  6. Automate your thermostat
  7. Install energy-efficient glazing on windows and doors
  8. Change the direction of ceiling fans
  9. Get smart about lighting
  10. Prepare the pipes

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