The Need To Conserve This Year

A Tale of Two Light Strands

The Need To Conserve This Year

This year, it seems like the entire neighborhood is going all out with their holiday displays! And you like to be festive too, so you’re getting to work! You’re stringing lights outside..And inside…

Fortunately, you’re an energy-conscious holiday decorator, so you purchased colorful LED lights this year. Your neighbors used their old incandescent holiday lights so their energy bill for the month increased $13.65, while yours increased just 22 cents because you used LEDs to decorate!

The cost of powering an extravagant light display during the holidays can add up to what it costs to heat and power an average sized home for six weeks!


Congratulations, you’re a real energy-saver and some may say the most festive of them all! Happy Holidays from Conserve Energy SoCal!




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