Conservation Strategies

Prep Your Home for Summer

Conservation Strategies

Hey SoCal, as temperatures rise this summer, let’s make sure our homes are prepped and ready to handle summer’s heat. Use our checklist of tips below to help keep your home as cool as possible when the weather gets hot – without sending your energy bills through the roof.

Tips to Prep Your Home for Summer

  1. Schedule an Air Conditioning Checkup: Many people change their air filters regularly, but regular services of the air conditioning unit is often overlooked. Regular maintenance helps to keep your AC in the best shape possible to run efficiently as usage increases.
  2. Install ceiling fans in high-trafficked rooms: Ceiling fans utilize a wind-chill effect by stirring up the air in a room to simulate a cool breeze. For this to work, you’ll want to make sure that your home’s fans are turning in a counter-clockwise rotation.​
  3. Install a programmable thermostat: These devices are great because you can set it and forget it. Allowing you to set automatic temperature controls for maximum comfort and energy efficiency means that the hard work happens without you even having to think about it.
  4. Clean your refrigerator coils: Refrigerators need a large amount of energy, especially if they’re not operating efficiently. To ensure that your unit is running as efficiently as possible, make sure that the condensing coils are clean. 
  5. Keep your doors closed: Our moms were right, keep the doors closed! When the AC running, every opened door lets out valuable energy in the form of cooled air. Keep unnecessary trips in and out at a minimum keep your energy bills similarly low.


Tips to Prep your home for summer.

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