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Glendale Water & Power

Glendale Water & Power has many programs that help customers conserve energy and save money.

For residential the following programs are available:

Smart Home AC Tune Up – AC system tune-ups help residential customers save energy by ensuring their air conditioning systems are functioning at the optimal level.

Energy & Water Saving Rebates – Helps residential customers save money on energy and water bills by offering rebates on eligible products.

Residential and Small Business Solar Solutions Program – Incentives for residents and small businesses to install grid connected solar photovoltaic systems.

Tree Power Free Shade Trees – Free shade trees to cool your home. Customers can choose from a variety of 30 trees.

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For Commercial Customers the following programs are available:

Feed-in Tariff Program – FiT A FiT, is a standard price offered to pay producers of renewable power for the power that the producer feeds into the grid.

Large Business Incentives Program – Incentives for large businesses to complete pre-approved energy saving projects.

SoCal Water Smart Program – Rebates are available for several water-efficient technologies to help businesses lower bills, reduce energy costs and address environmental impact.

Smart Business AC Tune-Up – AC system tune-ups help small business customers save energy by ensuring their air conditioning systems are functioning at the optimal level.

Fiber Optic Solutions Program – Provides both large and small commercial customers optical fiber lease services both within the City limits and to adjacent City’s.

Smart Business Energy Saving Upgrade Program – Receive up to $2,000 in free energy and water saving upgrades through this simple hassle-free program.

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