For residential the following programs are available:

Single Family Home Upgrade
Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade is a menu-based, prescriptive program that provides incentives for single-family home energy efficient retrofits by promoting interactive whole-home combinations of measures such as: insulation; HVAC equipment replacement; duct replacement/repairs; air sealing; and hot water systems.

Single Family Loan Loss Reserve
SOCALREN has partnered with Matador’s Credit Union to provide single family homeowners with financing for their Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade projects. Three loan options are available to qualified buyers: a 4.99%, 5-year term loan; a 5.99%, 10-year term loan; or a 6.99%, 15-year term unsecured loan of up to $50,000 to qualified borrowers.

Multi-Family Home Upgrade
Similar to Single Family Home Upgrade, this program provides incentives to multifamily building owners to implement comprehensive, interactive energy efficiency measures. The program offers an assessment incentive to help offset the cost of energy audits, and offers free technical assistance, as well as an improvement incentive to help offset the cost of purchasing and installing conservation measures to meet a targeted improvement in the building’s performance.

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Realtor Outreach/Building Labeling
The Green Real Estate Program trains and certifies realtors to the National Association of Realtors Green Designation. This training teaches them the value of conducting green home upgrade projects, including energy efficiency upgrades through workshops and other modes of outreach and training.

Low-Income Single Family Rehabilitation Program
This program seeks to develop and implement a business process that connects Community Development Commission (CDC) program clients to the Home Upgrade program via outreach and coordination of the respective programs’ requirements.

The CDC Home Improvement Program assists low income, owner-occupied single family homes with rehabilitation financing of up to $25,000 for Home Upgrade qualifying measures.

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Commercial PACE
The program provides financing for non-residential properties through County-issued bonds for private sector energy projects, which are then paid back through assessments placed on building owners’ property tax statements. The program also provides marketing, education, recruitment, and technical support to property owners.

For public agency programs the following programs are available:

Public Agency Technical Support
SOCALREN Public Agency Program identifies energy saving measures and works side-by-side with agency staff from designing performance specifications through construction to help accomplish energy efficiency projects.

SOCALREN does this by offering a full turnkey solution that makes cost effective upgrades to public facilities faster than was previously possible.  Services include project start-to-finish management support, technical assistance, access to financing, competitively bid specialty contractors, transparent pricing and assistance with utility rebate processing, and benchmark facility energy usage and costs.

Public Agency Financing
This program offers public agencies with access to centralized, standardized, and streamlined energy retrofit services such as: financing, project management, energy auditing, design and engineering, and contract procurement assistance, all delivered through competitively bid pools of pre-qualified energy project contractors.

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