Making a Difference

Survey Highlights

Making a Difference

The Energy Providers of Southern California have released the results of a survey conducted by Research Now, on behalf of ConserveEnergySoCal. The survey results show that Southern Californians are committed to energy conservation. In fact, 67% of Southern Californians believe caring about conserving energy is an attractive quality and 80% make small changes to add up to a big difference. Learn more about the results of the survey below.

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Survey Highlights 

How Southern Californians feel about energy conservation

  • 67% believe caring about conserving energy is an attractive quality in a date or significant other
  • 56% find it attractive when people are aware of the resources they use
  • 24% identify awareness of environmental and climate issues as one of the characteristics most important to them in a date or significant other

How Southern Californians Conserve

  • 80% conserve energy by making small changes in their habits in the hopes that they will add up to a big difference.
  • 57% will go out of their way to conserve energy and have made big changes in lifestyle to reduce energy consumptions
  • 66% try to conserve energy during the holidays because it helps them save on their bills
  • 86% turn off the lights when leaving the room
  • 77% keep windows and doors closed when heating or cooling their home
  • 66% only run full loads of clothes or dishes

Southern California’s holiday habits

  • 74% report that their Thanksgiving meal takes at 4 hours to prepare
  • 27% say it takes all day! (7-9 hours)
  • In Southern California, we’d rather stay in than go outside during the winter:
    • 56% look forward to staying in to binge watch favorite shows, enjoy a cup of tea or relax vs 48% who can’t wait to get outside to wear their favorite sweater, shop, walk the dog or grab a coffee
  • 60% use LED lights to decorate during the holidays
  • Most SoCal residents who decorate with lights during the holidays, turn them on when they get home, but off before bedtime

Southern California + Natural Gas

  • 65% of Southern Californians rely on central heat to stay warm during the winter
  • Only 4% of Southern Californians believe they could save at least 30% of their monthly energy bill by turning the heater down by 3 degrees
  • 40% never check the temperature on their water heater

SoCal in the Summer

  • 53% use central A/C to keep cool during the summer

Survey Methodology

The survey was fielded in October, 2016 to residents of Southern California.  The 1,000 participants are representative of the region across key demographics. Additionally, 3.5% of the participants took the survey in Spanish.

The survey explored:

  • How Southern Californians feel about energy conservation
  • How Southern Californians Conserve
  • Southern California’s holiday habits
  • Southern California + Natural Gas
  • SoCal in the Summer

Out of the 1,000 participants who took the survey, 358 identified themselves as Hispanic or Latino.

The full results are available for download here.

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