How Energy Conservation Works

What is Energy Conservation?

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What is energy conservation?


What is energy conservation?

Energy conservation is a long term lifestyle change; it’s more about behavior than technology advances. While you can use energy-efficient appliances and machines to save energy, it’s important to also change how you use power in your home and workplace to save energy.

Why is energy conservation important?

In California, saving the amount of energy generated and used is a major priority of our energy utilities. Not using energy is the cleanest and least expensive option. That’s why energy utilities prioritize energy-efficient technology and energy conservation practices, even over renewable energy sources.

How can I practice energy conservation?

Energy conservation practices can often can save you money. They include simple actions such as shutting off lights when leaving a room or unplugging electronics to avoid standby power use. You can also make simple changes to routines, such as washing clothes in cold rather than hot water or air drying your dishes.


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